Last updated on 30 November, 2023.

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy for GenBrand ("the Company," "we," "us," or "ours") outlines the methods and purposes for collecting, using, and/or disclosing ("processing") your personal information when you utilize our website, digital services, web apps and web products (“Services"). This includes instances when you:

  • Access our website at, or any other website pages we operate that refers to this Privacy Policy;
  • Engage with us through other means, including subscribing to our emails, completing a 'Get a Quote' form, or participating in any sales, marketing, or event-related activities.

General Concept:

  1. We prioritize privacy in our operations, ensuring no IP addresses or location data are stored from individuals who visit our website, sign up or open our emails. Our website,, operates without the use of cookies, including third-party ones. We consistently opt for privacy-centric tools for support and analytics whenever feasible.
  2. Personal information, such as email addresses, is not retained on our servers or local storage systems.
  3. We select service providers that are compliant with GDPR, CCPA, PECR, focusing on privacy.

Key Service Providers:

For detailed insights into data handling, we recommend visiting the following service provider websites: Audienceful for management of email newsletters and subscribers; Plausible for cookie-free analytics. Cargo.Site for website management and hosting.

We advise reading this privacy notice to fully understand your privacy rights and options. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the usage of personal data and data location please review the privacy policies of our service providers first. If you disagree with the policies and practices of both us and our service providers, we suggest not using our Services.

Privacy Measures:

At GenBrand, we maintain a resolute commitment to adhering to the GDPR, CCPA, PECR, and other privacy regulations in all aspects of our website, web applications, and web products.

  1. We exclusively utilize privacy-centric service providers and analytics tools, and we do not deploy cookies; Our policy firmly guarantees that no personal information is sold to third-party entities;
  2. We ensure that no data is shared with web marketing or advertising companies;
  3. In line with our privacy policy, we do not store any IP addresses or location data from individuals who visit our website, sign up for, or open emails sent via our platform;
  4. Access to your confidential email list data is strictly restricted and not available to our support staff or contractors;
  5. To safeguard your data, our service providers employ a variety of advanced technologies, including SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), anonymization, and SHA-256 encryption, in line with the guidelines set by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology. As well as HTTPS secure access to the majority of our Service areas, ensuring the safe transmission of any voluntarily provided information (like email addresses) to other service providers;
  6. It is important to acknowledge that no service connected to the internet can guarantee absolute security. Should a data breach occur, our service provider (Audienceful) is committed to complying with the GDPR by informing all impacted individuals. Among these, another service provider ( offers HTTPS secure access to the majority of our Service areas, ensuring the safe transmission of any voluntarily provided information (like email addresses) to other service providers.

Data Retention, Retrieval, and Permanent Deletion:

  1. GenBrand will maintain and utilize information as required for the purposes outlined in this policy, and to the extent necessary to fulfill legal obligations, settle disputes, enforce agreements, and protect the legal rights of GenBrand.
  2. We, along with our service providers, will retain your personal data for the duration mandated by law and as long as it is necessary for the intended use of your data. For instance, as long as you remain a customer, we will store your data in compliance with the statutory retention period of seven years.
  3. Following this period, your data will be retained solely for statistical purposes and to manage any complaints or legal issues. For details on the specific retention periods for your data, please contact us.

Your rights:


  • Each email we send includes an 'Unsubscribe' link, allowing you to easily opt out of receiving further email newsletters from us.
  • Please note that choosing to 'Unsubscribe' does not remove your data from our service providers, nor does it restrict our ability to process your information or contact you in other ways.
  • Should you desire the permanent deletion of your email or any other personal data you may have previously provided, please send a request from the email address you wish to have removed to
  1. Right to Information: We ensure transparency about how we handle your data. This privacy statement thoroughly explains the data we collect from you and how we process it.
  2. Right to Access: You have the right to request access to the data we hold about you.
  3. Right to Correction: If your data is incorrect or incomplete, you can ask us to correct it.
  4. Right to Object: You can object to the processing of your data. You have the option to opt out of receiving emails using ‘Unsubscribe' link in every email send from
  5. Right to Restriction: You can request that we limit the use of your data. In certain situations, we may only store your data and not use it.
  6. Right to be Forgotten: You have the right to request the deletion of all your data. We will remove any data traceable to you, unless certain data must be retained for legal reasons, such as for tax purposes for a period of 7 years. Please send a request from the email address you wish to have removed to
  7. Right to Submit a Complaint: Should you be unsatisfied with our handling of your data, you are entitled to file a complaint. We encourage you first to contact us to address the issue. If resolution is not achieved, you have the option to approach the Dutch Data Protection Authority. Any disputes related to this Privacy Policy and our data processing practices will be conclusively resolved through civil litigation at the District court of the Netherlands.

Submitting Requests or Complaints:

For submitting requests or complaints, please reach out to us at We strive to address each request or complaint within a 30-day timeframe. However, handling complex or multiple requests might extend this period, in which case we will communicate with you within 60 days. To ensure accurate processing of your personal data, we may request verification of your identity.

Privacy Statement Compliance:

Our privacy statement adheres to various legal requirements, notably the Dutch General Data Protection Regulation.

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